Biography of Bob Burridge

I was born in Buffalo, New York in 1947. I grew up in a home with both parents, a brother and sister who all now live near me here in Pinellas County, Florida. My family moved here in 1963 and settled in a home in Largo in 1964.

After graduating from Largo High School in 1965 I majored in television production at St. Petersburg Junior College. There I came to know the wonders of salvation and the value of God's word through the campus ministry of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

After a year of studying broadcasting I changed my major to theology and finished with a BA degree from Clearwater Christian College in 1970 in the field of Biblical Literature which primarily focused on Koine Greek. During my college days I met Lois who became my wife and mother of our two children who also live close by and attend our church. After college My wife and I moved to Philadelphia where I ministered as director of education and youth at Bethany Baptist Church. While there I earned my MDiv (Master of Divinity degree) from Biblical Theological Seminary. But in my studies I was intruduced to the teaching of the Reformation and upon my return to Florida embraced the Reformed faith and became a Presbyterian.

Upon arriving back in Florida I did a lot of pulpit supply preaching and taught in two fine Christian Schools. For 10 years I taught Jr. High, Sr. High for 3 years, spent 9 summers as an adjunct to the Center for Mathematics at the University of South Florida, and taught a few courses at Clearwater Christian College.

Bob and Lois

Since 1987 I have been serving as pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Pinellas Park, Florida. We are a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), and the Presbytery of Southwest Florida where I have served three terms as moderator and several cycles as chairman of the Minister and His Work committee which examines ordained men entering our presbytery and helps the churches with internal and pastoral relationships.

I also keep busy as Executive Director for the Genevan Institute of Reformed Studies. Our Institute web site contains more information about our purpose and work.

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